We welcome your abstracts and proposals for InDialogue International Symposium 2016
InDialogue2016 is a 3-day Biannual International Symposium that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice.

The call invites performance, papers, presentations and provocations, creative and challenging responses that respond to the themes and contexts outlined below. You are encouraged to consider alternative ways to present your work/research making use of the various venues and interstitial spaces, to intervene and compliment the structure and nature of the symposium (coffee breaks and the journeys between venues etc.)

We welcome considerations on the themes below, although this is by no means exhaustive:   

InDialogue and: 

·      Transcultural and mediated communication 
·      The artistry of conversation through time and space 
·      Participatory platforms and collaborative practice 
·      Artistic, curatorial, interactive and transdisciplinary practices 
·      Haptic and performative methods 
·      Research methodology, knowledge and production

Applicants are encouraged to respond to the call in a number of ways: 

·      Live online presentations 
·      Screenings 
·      Work in progress 
·      Using the symposia as a means of testing out new ideas/ works 
·      Skype or other mediated means from overseas

Abstracts and proposals of 200 words (max), a short biography of 100 words (maximum) and weblink to a maximum of 5 (specified) relevant images/moving image/audio files.

DEADLINE: 31st March 2016

Please note we are a small team with no resources of our own.  The venues have some (in house) equipment but you will need to be largely self sufficient.

Presentations are generally allocated 10-15 mins slots, however we have also included durational performances, 30 min-1 hour workshops and so forth, we have a certain amount of flexibility in the programme.

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Preferred location/site and rationale? (if any)

Please note that whilst we will consider this we cannot guarantee you will be offered this venue
Please inform us of any specific technical information, requests or requirements?

Please note if you have any specific questions relating to this please contact in.dialogue.event@gmail.com at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline.
Please include links to upto 5 images or media for selection purposes *

Or alternatively email images no larger than 72 dpi to: in.dialogue.event@gmail.com

Please use the following in the title of your email: SURNAME_2016_ID_PROPOSAL
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We look forward to reviewing all proposals and will notify those accepted May 2016.

For further information please visit:

or contact: in.dialogue.event@gmail.com

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